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Our office takes advantage of the most current orthodontic technology, including SPEED System™ braces, Invisalign® and temporary anchorage devices, or “TADs”. The use of SPEED System™ braces has allowed us to reduce overall treatment time by as much as six months in many cases. We also offer clear braces for those who require a less noticeable look to their braces.

In regards to sterilization technology, we heat sterilize all of our instruments and test our equipment weekly to make sure it is performing properly. Your safety and health are of primary importance in our office.

Finally, our offices are completely digital, or “paperless”. We have a sophisticated computer network that links our two office locations and allows us to access information on all of our patients from either office. In addition, we have the ability to take digital orthodontic records (X-rays and photographs), eliminating the need for a separate visit to an orthodontic laboratory.

Please feel free to ask us about any of our “techno” things. Dr. Meeks enjoys working in the digital world, and he does most of the IT in our office himself!

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